Geology Quiz

Geology Quiz

By Matt S.

Do you know your geology? Let's See.

Directions: Look at each question. Try to decide which answer is correct. Click the "A", "B" or "C", next to your answer, and the question mark will change to a "Yes" or "No" letting you know if you were correct. If you selected the wrong answer, click the other choices and find out which one is correct. When you finish, click "reload", and all the question marks will reappear and another person can take the test.

1. Obsidian is a(n)

A igneious rock.

B sedimentary rock.

C metamorphic rock.

2. Mount St. Helens is:

A active.

B dormant.

C inactive.

3. A good sample of mannodknocks are:

A the Rocky Mountains.

B the Blue Ridge Mountains.

C the Himalayas.

4. This is used in film development:

A silver.

B gold.

C aluminum.

5. Stalactites are found in caves on the:

A roof.

B walls.

C floors.

6. Pumice is a(n)

A igneous rock.

B metamorphic rock.

C sedimentary rock.

7. Fossils are embedded in:

A metamorphic rock.

B sedimentary rock.

C igneous rock.

8. Computer chips are made of:

A silicon.

B silver.

C gold.

9. The Earth's core is made of:

A liquid metal.

B solid metal.

C slushy metal.

10. Crystals are formed when lava:

A cools fast.

B cools slowly.

C doesn't cool.

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