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China Quiz

1.) Who was the Chinese girl warrior that fought against the Huns?
Mulan   Yeh-Shen    Min-Yo  

2.) What do the Chinese use most often to eat with?
forks and spoons  fingers  chopsticks 

3.) What are the ancient rulers of China called?
King and Queen  Emperor and Emperess President 

4.) What do Chinese use to help them do math problems?
ricksha  abacus wok 

5.) Who were the enemies against the Chinese, that tore down the Great Wall?
Japanese Russians Huns 

6.) What is one thing considered to be good luck in China?
panda lotus blossom dragon  

7.) Where did the Emperor and Emperess once live?
Forbidden City    Yangtze River   Great Wall 

8.) What did the Chinese build to keep the Huns out of China?
Forbidden City Great Wall  Xin Nian Jie


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