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Welcome to our page on China! You can discover many interesting facts about China. Take a tour of China then test your knowledge.

Resource Links

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redfan.gif (233 bytes) ABC's of China
Discover China by looking at a slide show of Chinese facts,   which was created by our Computer Club.
redfan.gif (233 bytes) Test your Knowledge
How well have you learned your facts from the slide show? Visit these pages to test your knowledge!
redfan.gif (233 bytes) Let's Make Paper
The Chinese were the first to learn how to make paper. View these slide shows to discover how paper is made and how you can recycle paper in your classroom.
redfan.gif (233 bytes) Write from 1 - 12
Our computer club practiced writing the numbers 1 - 12 in Chinese. View this slide show then test your memory to see if you can recognize the numbers 1 -12.
redfan.gif (233 bytes) Chinese Calendar
Type your birth year in and discover what characteristics you should have!

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