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X is for Xin Nian Jie

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This means the Chinese New Year. It is also known as the Spring Festival which celebrates the beginning of spring. The holiday is somewhere between January 30 and February 20. The Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday celebrated in China. The word Nian means "year" and was a mythical beast that swallowed people on the eve of the new year. Legend has it that the beast was tricked by an old man into swallowing other animals that were enemies to people. The beast did swallow the other animals. The old man was really a god in disguise and he captured Nian and rode off on his back. With all the harmful beasts gone, the people could live peacefully once again. The Chinese celebrate this legend each year by placing red paper decorations on their windows and doors to scare Nian away from their homes.

By Wyllie

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