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Discovering China with ABC's

This is a slide show created by our third grade Computer Club. Click on a letter to view a slide.

A is for abacus. B is for bicycle. C is for chopsticks. D is for dragon. E is for emperor and empress.
F is for Forbidden City. G is for Great Wall. H is for Huns. I is for inventions. J is for junk boats.
K is for kites. L is for lotus. M is for Mulan. N is for noodles. O is for opera.
P is for panda. Q is for Qin Dynasty. R is for rickshaw. S is for Sacred Way. T is for terra cotta soldiers.
U is for umbrella. W is for wok. X is for Xin Nian Jie. Y is for Yangtze River. Z is for zodiac calendar.

For a bibliography of resources that were used to write these informational articles, visit this web page:


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