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F is for Forbidden City

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Forbidden City is guarded by a tortoise statue.  The Forbidden City was found in the 15th century and opened to the public in 1949.  The Forbidden City is in Beijing.  The Forbidden City is a museum now.  It is now called Tiananmen which means Gate of Heavenly Peace.   Twenty-four of the emperors from the Ming and Ching are buried here.  The museum takes up 250 acres and has 9000 rooms.  The walls guarding the Forbidden City are 35 feet tall and have a 171 foot wide moat around it.  There is an outer palace that has three ceremonial halls.  The inner palace has two halls and the emperor and empress live there.  Inside the inner palace their were 12 court yards.   Through another gate there is an imperial garden.

By Wyllie


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