Discovery Camp - Summer Camp

Co-Ed, Grades Pre-K - 8

Your kids will have the best summer ever! Campers spend each week (or weeks!) exploring the Museum, engaging in hands-on science activities, participating in explosive, live science shows, and having fun, all while learning!

Each Summer Camp session's theme is independent of the other weekly themes. Campers do not need to attend weekly sessions consecutively; however, campers should attend a full weekly session to experience the greatest academic value.


June 16-20 - Eco Quest
Note: Half-week or daily rate options are available for this week only. Call for details.
Just because you are in the city doesn't mean you can't explore the natural world. Take a closer look at the world around you, see how our Earth has changed in fast and slow ways and explore what role humans have had in these changes.

June 23-27 - Plan, Build, Destroy
Let's just say we've been inspired by all of the construction happening at The Franklin Institute! Let your creative juices flow this week as we use engineering, physics, and most of all—imagination, to plan, build, and destroy creations of our own. We'll also have a chance to visit the new 101 Inventions that Changed the World exhibit.

June 30-July 3 - Mess Fest
It's a camper favorite! This week is all about the science of "mess" and we will be making our biggest messes ever! Join us as we mix, pour, and slime our way through some awesome chemistry experiments. Go ahead; get as dirty as you want!

July 7-11 - Big Top Science
Step right up to the best session of the summer! Have you ever wondered how clowns juggle, how trapeze artists fly through the air, or how one balances on a tightrope? Come explore the new exhibit Circus! Science Under The Big Top and find out why the circus is all about science and learn some new tricks of your own.

July 14-18 - Cosmic Wonders
Join us as we explore the clues of the night sky. What can you learn from the color of stars, the material a planet is made out of, or the path of a meteor? Use your star sleuthing skills and our 10" refracting telescope to decode the mysteries of the universe.

July 21-25 - Brainiacs!
It's not very often that you get to see a brand new permanent exhibit at The Franklin Institute! Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the new exhibit Your Brain and meet the people who designed it. We will be exploring all the form, function, and fun your brain has to offer.

July 28-August 1 - What's Left Behind?
It takes a lot to keep the world clean, but what happens to all the stuff that's left behind? Trash, artifacts, and other types of evidence tell us a lot about the world as it is now and as it was in the past. From recycling to composting, archaeology to anthropology, help us dig up the secrets in the science of trash.

August 4-8 - Dangers of the Deep
You don't have to leave Earth to explore "alien" environments. This week we will learn the science of deep sea exploration, examine the powerful and preserving force of the ocean, and get up close and personal with some of the sea's strangest creatures.

August 11-15 - Cool Colors, Cool Chemistry
Creativity and science go hand in hand during this week of cool, colorful science. Experiment with dry ice, acids and bases, oozing slimes, and more as we explore the how art, color, and chemical reactions work together to make our world a unique place.

August 18-22 - Outbreak!
Discovery Camp is under attack and we need your help. Discover what causes us to get sick, how germs travel from one person to another, and what we can do to contain them. This is guaranteed to be the most infectious week of camp ever!

August 25-29 - Best of Summer - 2014
Discovery campers know that "science is everywhere" and this is their chance to pick their favorite science experiments of all time. In true Discovery Camp tradition, the last week of summer is a chance for campers to take charge and tell us exactly what they would like to do.

Although the basic science learning goals remain the same throughout all camp classrooms, activities, trips, and themes are carefully modified in order to be made grade appropriate. Each Summer Camp session's theme is independent of the other weekly themes. Campers do not need to attend weekly sessions consecutively; however, campers should attend a full weekly session to get the most out of the experience.

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