Discovery Camp - School's Out

Co-Ed, Grades Pre-K - 6

Whenever School's Out, Discovery Camp is in session!


January 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Amazing Machines
Calling all engineers! Use your design and critical-thinking skills to make some kinetic contraptions and explore the simple machines that surround us and make our lives easier.

February 17 - Presidents' Day - Eye HEART Science
Explore the amazing organs that we take for granted every day. Campers will investigate real hearts and eyes, learn about their form and function and see how humans and other mammals are the same and different.

September 25 - Rosh Hashanah - Art Smart
Color, texture, and technique are all part of art, but so is science! We'll make our own paints and examine the relationship between light and color, science and art.

September 26 - Rosh Hashanah - Science Senses
See, hear, smell, touch, taste. We use our senses every day but do we all experience them in the same way? What would happen if you lost a sense? Join us for this sensory stimulating day.

October 13 - Columbus Day - Fall into Science
'Tis the season for exploding pumpkins, howling winds, and changing leaves. You will be frightfully delighted with the experiments that await you!

November 11 - Veterans' Day - It's Electric!
In honor of Ben Franklin, we will be looking at all things electric. Whether found in nature or inside your house, electricity is a powerful force and one that has changed the way humans live.

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More Information: Jessica McDermott, 215.448.1133