1. If you live at Pechin and Leverington, how many different routes could you take to school going only north or west?

2. Using scale given: Who lives closer to Levering School-someone who lives at Green Lane and Mitchell Street or someone who lives at Pennsdale and Lauriston Streets? How much closer?

3. What is the difference in distance walking from DuPont and Pechin to Levering or going "as the crow flies"?

4. Start at Manayunk and DuPont, walk east 5 blocks, go north 3 blocks, go west 2 blocks, go south 5 blocks. After how many blocks did you cross your own path? What is the intersection?

5. A taxi leaves Roxborough Memorial Hospital (Ridge and Rector). He must pick up 3 fares:

1. Pechin and Lyceum

2. Pechin and Leverington

3. Hermitage and Lawnton

If all streets are two-way, plan two different routes the driver could take. Which one is shorter?

6. The teachers are going to LeBus for lunch. They only have one hour. Find the shortest route from the school to the restaurant, and back again. Watch out for one-way streets.

7. The class is walking to the caves in Valley Green using Monastary Avenue. About how far will we be walking? If you walk one mile in 20 minutes and stay there 40 minutes, how long will the walk take?

8. Approximately how long is the Wissahickon Creek from Wise"s Mill Road to the City Avenue Bridge?

9. Here is the campus of Saul High School. About what fractional part of the campus is the school building?

10. Look at this blown up section of the neighborhood. Four children are delivering fliers to this area. Divide the area so that each child delivers to approximately the same number of houses. Show the route that each child should take using a different color pencil for each child.