1. What is the perimeter and area of a classroom window?

of a classroom door?

2. What is the perimeter and area of the front door of the building?

Does the original door to Levering in the granite building have the same perimeter and area? Explain.

3. Who has more chalkboard space -Mrs. Holtz or Mrs. Malen? By how much?

4. Mrs. Gladden moved from Room 8 to Room 210. Which room has more floor space? By how much? (Do not include the coat closets.)

5. Based on the measurements that we took using the trundle wheel, about how many square meters is the schoolyard? the whole school area? About what fractional part of the school area is the school building?

6. What is the radius, diameter, and the circumference of a manhole cover?

7. What is the perimeter of a STOP sign? What is thea area?

8. Mrs. Herden's office was the original office when Levering was new. How much larger is our office now? (floor space only). What is the volume of both rooms?

9. How much paint would it take to paint the walls of the main office? Each gallon of paint covers 400 sq. ft. It needs 2 coats.

If each gallon of paint at MAB costs $17.98, how much would it cost?

10. Draw the answer. How many 2 ft. by 4 ft. posters could be hung on the movable bulletin board in the entrance hallway? They must be hung vertically.