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The City

Communicate with Other Scientists

You can communicate with other groups of scientists in the city. Use this directory to begin conversations and find other scientists who are interested in the same kinds of investigations.


G.W. Childs School
1541 Tasker Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Contact: Paula Don
Project: Sources of Energy
Conwell Middle School
1849 E. Clearfield Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134
Contact: Dr. Marvin Young
Project: Trash
Clymer School
1201 W. Rush Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133
Contact: Naomi Booker
Project: TBA
Decatur School
Academy & Torrey Roads
Philadelphia, PA 19154
Contact: Myra Baltra
Project: Watershed
F. Douglass School
2118 W. Norris Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Contact: Rosemary Chambers
Project: Patterns of Change - The City & A Natural Barrier Beach
Fell Elementary School
900 W. Oregon Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19148
Contact: Debbie Maiorano
Project: Living Things
Finletter School
6100 N. Front Street
Philadelphia, PA 19120
Contact: Rosalyn Tharpe
Project: Physical Structures
Hamilton School
57th and Spruce
Philadelphia, PA 19139
Contact: Pampalena Watson
Project: You Can't Throw Anything Away
Hopkinson School
4001 L Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124
Contact: Wannetta Johnson
Project: A City's Infrastructure
Leeds Middle School
6722 Lansdowne Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19151
Contact: Kathy Muc
Project: Recycling in An Urban Environment
Leidy School
1301 Belmont Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Contact: Carol Young
Project: Conservation and Preservation: Fairmount Park
Levering School
Ridge and Gerhard
Philadelphia, PA 19128
Contact: Celeste Selby
Project: Roxborough Science
Masterman School
1699 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Contact: Rena d. Morrow
Project: Electric Cities
Mayfair School
3100 Princeton Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19120
Contact: Leslie McNeal
Project: Water in The City
Morrison School
5100 N. 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19120
Contact: Shiela Appel
Project: Transportation in The City
Overbrook Ed. Center
68th & Lansdowne Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19150
Contact: Gail Peddle
Project: Urban Ecology
Patterson School
7000 Buist Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19142
Contact: Maurice Hutelmyer
Project: Weather, Hydrology, Plant Growth, and Soil
Rhawnhurst School
Castor & Borbeck Street
Philadelphia, PA 19152
Contact: Beverly Demeritte
Project: Weather
G. Washington Elementary
1198 S. 5th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Contact: Bernadette McDonough
Project: The Science of Playgrounds
Walton School
2601 N. 28th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19132
Contact: Joanne Williams
Project: Toys That Teach Science & Math
Welsh School
2331 N. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133
Contact: Cheryl Spencer
Project: Trees
Wister School
67 E. Bringhurst Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Contact: Patricia Katz
Project: Astronomy in The City
Foshay Learning Center
3751 S. Harvard Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90018
Contacts: Mary Lewis
Project: TBA
St. John's Angell Town CE School
85 Angell Road, Angell Town
London SW9 7HH
Contact: Jen Smyth
Project: Water Irrigation
LEAP Academy School
327 Cooper Street, 3rd Floor
Camden, NJ 08102
Contact: TBA
Project: TBA
Soho Parish School
23 Great Windmill Street
London W1V 7PH
Contact: Derek Holbird
Project: TBA

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