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The Center for Innovation in Science Learning, initiated in 1995 as the learning research and development arm of The Franklin Institute, is led by Frederic Bertley, Ph.D. Dr. Bertley is responsible for the sustained development of the learning research portfolio in school partnerships, educational technology programs, gender and family learning, and youth leadership in science and technology. For additional information about the Center for Innovation, contact Dr. Bertley - fbertley@fi.edu.

Center for Innovation program leaders are profiled below.

Dale McCreedy, PhD - mccreedy@fi.edu
Since the late 1980s, Dr. McCreedy has led the development of national programs that demonstrate how science museums can help girls and adults become confident, capable science learners and facilitators. As Project Director for two NSF grants, the National Science Partnership for Girl Scouts and Science Museums (NSP/1992-96) and Girls At the Center (GAC/1996-2001), Dr. McCreedy established a sustained collaboration with the Girl Scouts of the USA. This collaboration, in turn, created a national network of science museum/Girl Scout council partnerships in 48 states to promote gender-based science learning and family support for girls' science learning. Girls At the Center also led to the publication of Girls and Adults Learning Science Together in 2002. Both NSP and GAC will be the focus of a research initiative beginning in 2005 that will look at the impact of these programs on girls' futures. Currently, Dr. McCreedy is Project Director for the NSF-funded Parent Partners in School Science (PPSS/2001-2005), a multi-year collaboration with three Philadelphia elementary schools which has developed a promising model to cultivate collaboration between parents and teachers, as they help students learn science in school and at home. Dr. McCreedy was the 2002 winner of the Maria Mitchell Award for Women in Science.

Karen Elinich, Ed.D. - kelinich@fi.edu
Dr. Elinich has established The Franklin Institute Online as a leading worldwide provider of online science resources, with a sustained focus on K-8 teachers. Launched in 1994, TFI Online has received numerous awards, including the 2002 Forbes "Best of the Web" for "education and innovation," as well as recognition for excellence by the US Department of Education, the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Math and Science, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the National Science Teachers Association. Dr. Elinich was senior staff for the NSF-funded projects, the Science Learning Network (1994-98) and the Keystone Science Network (1998-2003), which pioneered the use of online resources for teacher development and classroom use to promote science inquiry. Dr. Elinich has directed national online projects for teachers and schools, including Public Science Day (1998-2003), in collaboration with Unisys Corporation and the AAAS; the Online Museum Educators program (1999-2003) for participants from the US and UK; and the Wright Flight Forecast, with the US Centennial of Flight Commission, that involved 400 teachers and their students around the world. Currently, she is developing the Institute's educational presence for the K-12 Internet2 community and investigating effective uses of Internet2 for teachers, students, and public audiences.

Michael Burch - mburch@fi.edu
Since 1993, Mr. Burch has led PACTS (Partnerships for Achieving Careers in Technology and Science), which has become The Franklin Institute's signature program for diverse middle school and high school students interested in science and technology and a national leader in youth programming by science museums. PACTS offers students a year-round program of science and technology learning, field-based research, career development, and leadership opportunities, including events throughout the year for high school students in the Philadelphia Region. Mr. Burch was Project Director for the original NSF grant for PACTS (1993-96) and has also been Project Director for two grants promoting field-based environmental research for Philadelphia students at Centennial Lake in Fairmount Park: Student Leaders in Science (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 1997-2001); and the NSF-funded PACTS Environmental Education, Research, and Service (PEERS/2002-05). Since 2000, PACTS has also sponsored a Robot Team for students ages 9-14 and has hosted the Regional LEGO Robot Challenge.
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