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CASE: Community Ambassadors in Science Exploration Community-Based Organizations

The community-based organizations involved in CASE serve families in the Philadelphia/Camden region. This diverse set of local communities will provide a corps of adults and teens to present hands-on science workshops in these communities. Over the three-year period, CASE has the capacity to reach roughly 15,400 people (3,850 families) from these community-based organizations serving the African-American, Latino, Asian, and other communities.

216 W. Somerset Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133
Congreso is a community based organization that works in the impoverished neighborhoods of Eastern North Philadelphia, where the majority of the city's Latino community resides. Through a variety of social services and community development projects, Congreso works to empower people and creates opportunities for learning and self-development. Congreso's Mission is to strengthen Latino communities through social, economic, education, and health services; leadership development; and advocacy.

Falomi Club/Camp Fire USA
1717 Croskey Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Falomi Club/Camp Fire USA is a member of the Adahi Council, Philadelphia Region. Camp Fire USA is one of the nation's leading not-for-profit national youth development organizations. Camp Fire USA was founded in 1910. Our mission is to build caring, confident youth and future leaders by serving the whole child and their family. Falomi Club has been in existence since 1975, serving boys and girls from kindergarten to high school.

The Folk Arts - Cultural Treasures Charter School (FACTS)
1118 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
The Folk Arts and Cultural Treasures (FACTS) Charter School provides children with an academically strong education that fosters a love of learning and that engages students with their own cultures and communities as well as others in our city, country and world. FACTS gives our children a joyful place for learning, a place to learn to think critically and deeply, and a place that respects culture and folk arts as powerful resources.

Imani Education Circle Charter School
5612 Green Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Imani Education Circle Charter School is a community based public school which uses an African-Centered approach to teach Reading, Math, the Sciences and Technology. By combining a holistic, integrative constructivist curriculum infused with the holistic and cultural richness of African Heritage Concepts, we will develop young people who are competent, confident, and conscientious.

Indo-Chinese American Council
4934-36 Old York Road
Philadelphia, PA 19141
The Indo-Chinese American Council provides a safe haven for the surrounding community. Its mission is to empower minorities through economics and racial harmony. The ICAC offers a wide range of programs in literacy and employment and training. Programs serve youth on-site as well as referrals to dropout prevention programs, teen pregnancy prevention and violence prevention programs.

LEAP Academy Charter School Inc.
639 Cooper Street
Camden, NJ 08102
The LEAP Academy provides a cohort of Camden City students with the knowledge and skills to pursue post-secondary education and become full participants in the workforce. It also facilitates the environment where all members of the educational community are committed to continuous growth and development toward high academic standards.

Norris Square Neighborhood Project
2141 North Howard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Norris Square Neighborhood Project is a non-profit, community-run, multi-cultural, bilingual, urban, environmental and cultural learning center. Located on the east side of Norris Square Park, NSNP provides a safe environment for children and families to come to meet, learn, exchange ideas, and solve problems by working together.

The African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas
6361 Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19151
The Church is committed to bringing the church membership and the community together in programs to advance underserved families in both groups. The African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas, founded in 1792, affiliated with the Episcopal Church in the United States in 1794, thereby becoming the first predominantly Black Episcopal church established in the United States.

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