2013-2014 PECO Energizing Education Program


2013-2014 PECO Energizing Education Program

This application is also available as a printable PDF and DOC file.

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Why would you like your school to be selected to participate in the PECO program?
What grade level / group of students will you include in the program?
How many students will you include in the program?
How you plan to implement the program at your school?
What do you plan to do as your community energy outreach project?
What do you believe the program will add to your students' academic and leadership development?
What energy and evironmental activities do you currently have underway at your school?
What community partners will you work with on your community energy project? Do you have ideas for a community outreach project? Please elaborate.

Endorsements: The PECO Energizing Education Program evaluation has shown that the most successful schools have support at the administrative level. Does the school have the active support of the principal/vice principal/curriculum specialist to provide the administrative support needed for the project?
Check any/all that have pledged support for your school to participate in the project: None
District Superintendent or County Superintendent of Schools
One or more School Board Members
Principal/Assistant Principal
District and/or school curriculum specialist (science, technology, etc)

Please compile and submit a pdf, doc, or xls of a draft budget to detail use of the cash grant for the community energy outreach project. A sample budget and template is available. Please email your budget as an attachment to: sharonk [at] fi.edu
By clicking "Submit" you certify that you have administrator approval to apply and will fulfill requirements if selected.